The Cardinal

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The Cardinal is a right twill rigid pair of selvage denim. The inspiration behind Cardinal came from American denim craftsmanship and the drive to create a quality garment for the streetwear market.

The GRO Project chose the selvage denim for the Cardinal because of the supreme durability, craftsmanship, and quality that is stronger than conventional projectile denim in the market. The selvage denim used to make the Cardinal has a 27 inch weft and interlocking cotton twills adding more strength to the garment. This could allow a pair to last 10 to 15 years under regular usage.

The Cardinal has the vintage look and feel of traditional selvage denim. In order to achieve this process The GRO Project developed the product with American milled Cone denim. Cone was the correct product for the job because of the American denim inspiration and fit created for the product.



The fit is a traditional straight leg slightly tapered at the ankles.  The straight leg fit commonly sits outside of the trends of slim and skinny denim in the streetwear market.  However, the straight leg cut maintains a true reflection of what The GRO Project planned to achieve when designing the piece.


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Take a closer look and what the Cardinal is really about

Cardinal Denim Details

The aesthetic look of the denim was inspired from our idea of invisible armor. Invisible armor is design with acute detail not visible at first glance. These details become clear when we examine the brand’s DNA: the Seal, the Lion, Toy Soldier, and Leaf.

The Seal was placed on the primary button in copper to spark one’s unlimited dedication for their passion. The Lion symbolizes the pride in our community. The Toy Soldier used on every rivet, screams “Build Your Army” and empower one’s self. Lastly, the Leaf can be found stitched on to the pockets representing our high standard of quality to design garments that are constructed to stand the test of time.

The functionality and technology embedded in the piece add utility. We used a Holster Loop stitch on our belt loops under the waistband, which offer extra strength when attaching accessories. And finally, once the piece needs to be washed we inserted a reinforced micro suede hangtag that is designed to suspend denim on a hook or hanger during air-drying.


The spectrum on the first drop.



The origins of the materials used to produce the Cardinal

Inspired by quality manufacturing, we decided to extend our product line into two additional selvage denim types: Italian and Japanese selvage. We used two additional selvage denim fabrics from Italy and Japan for our initial release.


First is the Italian Candiani Selvage, which captures our attention with the heritage of creating quality durable denim. The Candiani denim is manufactured a world away, however its structural elements are consistent with traditional selvage denim manufacturing methods. Candiani denim is woven with a comfort stretch construction that improves the quality elasticity of the fabric. The Candiani denim is 100% organic cotton; the mill prides itself on creating products that are environmentally friendly.

The second choice of denim is Japanese Selvage. Japanese selvage is considered by some to be the best selvage denim in the world. The revitalizing process embedded and used to create this traditional selvage product brings our vision full circle. The heritage of Japanese selvage denim lies in superior traditional technique of constructing the denim using a shuttle loom.  Although the shuttle loom process yields some inconsistency, they are balanced by a finished product that will be more durable over the life of the jean.


How to take care of your raw pair of selvage denim if you are looking for minimal impact

1. Fill tub or bucket with lukewarm water.washing instructions

2. Add a small amount of laundry detergent. I recommend Woolite Dark for minimizing indigo loss. Some people add a table spoon of salt, or vinegar.

3. Place jeans into bath tub turned inside out if you prefer. Move around in water to loosen up any dirt and grime.

4. Rinse jeans with clean water until soap is gone.

5. Hang to air dry. Dry it by hanging up in the shade where air is flowing.

** NOTE: Please wash your jeans separately, as indigo color runs other washings.

THE CARDINAL – Feat. Artist Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans painting the pocket stitch design on a suspended denim canvas inspired by The Cardinal.